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starring: Grace Boullier, Yoshika Colwell, Amy Ellis, Carolyn Jarvis, Patricia Jones, Charly McCabe, Katie Lou McCabe


writer, director, producer, editor: Sam Boulier

dop: Samuel J. Hunt & Thomas Rosser

light art: The Loumier Project

sound mix: Ryan Twymann

original score: Rounak Maiti, Nadine Carina, Jep, Owl

colour: Katherine Jamieson

titles: Eleanor Hardwick


Festivals & Screenings: Aesthetica Film Festival, 2015 // An Overheard Map of Now, 2015 // Are You Lost Yet?, 2016 // I.MAKE.FILM Festival, 2016 // Brainchild Arts Festival, 2016 // South East Shorts, 2016 // Film Shortage, 2017 // BFI Future Film Festival, 2017 // Boston Short Film Festival, 2017 // I.MAKE.FILM Festival, 2017 // Brainchild Arts Festival, 2017


Hey Angels (in development)

Hey Angels is a documentary. It is a fiction. It is a feature. It is a collection of short films. It is a multi screen installation. It is a collaboration. It is an auteurist self-exploration. Hey Angels is a work that takes the form of a dream, a memory, ever shifting, ever changing, with both its meaning and interpretation contorting and changing often as its form.

Distant female voices recall memories of their time living in an isolated community in an unnamed valley in the Yorkshire moors. Full of mistakes, hesitation and faltering, and with little explanation as to the connections between each story, the narration allows the audience to construct the relationships between the stories and images they are presented with.

We listen to them in the midst of a series of constructed realities, self-contained memories, contrasting archive and staged footage, filmed on VHS, Super 8 and iPhones. Marked by loss, isolation and yet ultimately optimism, Hey Angels is a document of the inherent subjectivity in memories and storytelling, ultimately questioning whether differentiating between truth and subjectivity matters.

Watch extracts here & here.