• Catch Me Daddy [feature] dir. Daniel Wolfe, runner
  • What Fools These Mortals Be [short] dir. Samuel J. Hunt, writer, actor
  • The Pitchfork Disney [play] dir. Lauren Moakes & Holly Morgan, actor
  • 'The Office Trip' [play] writer, director
  • The Trench [short] dir. Alex Campbell, 2nd camera assistant
  • And the Earth Shakes [short] dir. Samuel J. Hunt, unit production manager, script consultant
  • Pretty Daze [short] writer, director, producer, editor
  • The Salesman [short] dir. Lennard Morrice-Ortmann, assistant director
  • Posituren [feature] dir. Benjamin Junghans, dop
  • 'Car Window' Elsa Hewitt [music video] director, dop, editor
  • Manifest: Alice Bloomfield [short doc] director, dop, editor
  • The Something of a Hundred Eyes [play] dir. Rosie O'Sullivan, actor





  • 'I'm More Rock'n'Roll Than You' Triangle Triangle Triangle [music video] director, dop, editor
  • 'Drink' Triangle Triangle Triangle [music video] director, dop, editor
  • 'Toast To Our Differences' Rudimental [music video] video researcher
  • 'Priests of London Fields' Spy From Moscow [music video] director, editor
  • The Little Ones [short] co-director, editor, light artist
  • Shuck [short] co-director, editor, light artist