On location with  After the Sea .

On location with After the Sea.

About Me

I have a diverse range of strengths gained through the numerous roles I have performed on the many of projects I have been a part of in the past five years. My degree in Film & Television Production at the University of York provided me with a strong grounding in moving image practices and their uses, with extensive practical work on live multi-cam television and short film productions. During my time studying, I wrote and directed Pretty Daze and The Colours and The Kids, which were screened at Raindance, South East Shorts, Aesthetica, I Make Film and Film Shortage, and were shortlisted for awards with the Royal Television Society and the Television Cameramen Guild. The successes of these films, along with the short films I have made since, highlight my confident understanding of narrative within visual storytelling, both through construction and deconstruction of traditional storytelling techniques.

Since leaving University, I pushed my practice further and began producing light and video art. I worked closely with KMA Productions to create visuals for Paolo Nutini’s 2015 Arena Tour. I co-manage and curate an annual art show called Overheard Map of Now, which takes place in a different country each year. The aim of Overheard Map is to support highly collaborative work with emerging artists, through a structure of overlapping residencies where they produce work in response to one another. At its core, Overheard Map is interested in how contemporary art might be made more accessible; through simplifying the way we access it. Working closely with the artists, and developing ways in which audiences can engage as participants, my responsibilities also entailed producing documentation and Internet content for a wider reaching international audience.

Since 2014, I have worked closely with Brainchild Arts Festival, curating and managing their film tent and co-managing the Brainchild Television channel and producing internet content for their social media platforms. These roles involve the co-ordination of a large crew, working closely with a social media team and maintaining an up-to-date understanding of and passion for contemporary film and television, as well as an understanding of effective social media content that adheres to a brand’s aesthetic.

I work as a freelance producer, director and editor, recently producing, directing and/or editing work for BBC Four, the British Film Institute, Heavenly Recordings, Lucky Number Records, Play It Again Sam, the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, Universal Music and Wingspan Productions. I have a confident stakeholder engagement, working with stakeholders of all levels, from filmmakers, actors and musicians to funding bodies, audiences and the general public. Perhaps the most challenging role I have undertaken in recent times was as the producer and editor of the recent BBC Four short documentary Voices of Britain. My stamina and resourcefulness were put to the test, as I organised a 22 person crew on a 27 day, 28 location, 12 interview long shoot, whilst editing on the road for a final delivery date less than a week after the final day of shooting.

My strengths both as a team player and an independent, highly motivated and enthusiastic worker are illustrated in the number of roles I have consistently taken in the 20+ music videos I have directed, produced and edited. Through practical, hands on experience I have tangible, applicable knowledge and skills as a confident, efficient shooter, editor and producer. I have excellent communication skills, and extensive experience and working familiarity with the RED cine-cameras, the Sony A7Sii, Canon C100 and DSLR series, and have an advanced knowledge of the Adobe CC Suite.

Having worked on a variety of budgetary and organisational scales, and working within a variety of roles throughout the production process, I have a confident, thorough, in-depth, creative, technical and passionate understanding of how to shoot, edit and produce video content. I have extensive experience with smaller and larger crews, working to a spec and with creative freedom. The work I have done has allowed for my artistic voice and practical understanding to evolve in its content and form. Although this often demanded an ability to exist self-sufficiently, my artistic practice is based fundamentally on collaboration how we produce or engage with one another, the subject of each given project and its intended audience.


On the left you will find Listen to Britain, a short documentary I produced and edited for BBC Four, my directorial showreel, and Kensington & Chelsea on Film, a cinema history commercial that I edited for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and a CV.