A short film tackling issues surrounding homelessness in Britain.

A still from a previous short,  Voices of Britain .

A still from a previous short, Voices of Britain.


We believe that no one chooses to be homeless. It is this belief that drives us to make this short film. We tell our story from the perspective of a young child, allowing the film to avoid a judgmental approach in portraying its characters, and furthermore, forces the viewer to empathise with the protagonist without blaming her for her situation.

The film follows a little girl and her Papa, focusing less on their struggle than their relationship, humanizing an issue that somehow has become so anonymous. We want to put a face to homelessness, to make people realize that every homeless person is someone’s child.

And how can a short film make a difference? Well, the film is going to have two simultaneous release strategies running side by side. The film will have a festival run, and running parallel, the film will be screened at a number of schools, with an education pack, discussion topics and the possibility of locally based speakers and fundraising activities happening after the film has been screened.

We are already working closely with a number of charities and schools in Britain, and aim to continue our work throughout the coming months.


Our team of multi-award-winning filmmakers have made work for or had work featured in a vast number of internationally renowned institutions and festivals, including but not limited to... the Aesthetica Film Festival, the Barbican, BBC Four, BFI Future Film Festival, Boston Short Film Festival, Dazed Digital, Encounters Film Festival, Film Shortage, Frightfest, LA Independent Film Festival, Leeds Film Festival, Little White Lies, ID Magazine, NFFTY, Raindance Film Festival, the Royal Television Society Awards, South East Shorts, Sundance Film Festival, the Television Cameramen Guild Award and Vimeo Staff Picks. You can see some of our work here...


Our team working on Tom Leatherbarrow's upcoming  After the Sea . 

Our team working on Tom Leatherbarrow's upcoming After the Sea


Casting a child is the heart of this entire project, and there are a number of costs that this entails. First, the casting process, followed by the child’s agency fee, the child actors fee, their guardian, and the shooting days being planned around the (shorter) legal hours we will have with the leading actor.

Besides this, the costs are all very standard, but soon add up: the fee for the actor playing Esme’s Papa, travel expenses, location costs, the art department (which since we are filming on location, will mainly be costume and props, although at one point a car window does get smashed!), insurance, food and accommodation.

Surprisingly, once the filming has wrapped, there’s still plenty of expenses that need to be taken into consideration. There will be a short piece of music composed for the film, the colour grade, sound design, mix and master will all be done by professionals, a necessity in making the film live up to its full potential and have the emotional impact we want it to have.

And once the film has been completed, there’s the cherry on top, the final step, getting audiences to see it, spreading the message and actually creating the social impact we want to make with this film. The strategy we are taking with this film is two-fold, as we want it to have a cultural and educational effect. The film will have a festival run, which means festival entry fees (which go from £20-£150 a pop!). And then there’s the education pack. The time and materials that needs to go into putting the education package. We are already in talks with schools in Yorkshire, as well as a number of international schools.


To donate, send whatever you can through PayPal to...

Everyone that donates will receive online private screeners of the film, and people that donate larger amounts will receive a handful of other perks. To learn more about perks get in touch with the above email address, everything from meetings, being in the film, different types of screeners, tickets to screenings, and more!